About NS Massage

I am a professional massage therapist in Miami Florida.

 I love my work, helping people to relax and feel better, to get the most out of life. To me, massage therapy is not just a ‘feel-good’ experience, but one that can reinforce a low-stress, healthful and joyful way of living.

I live a stress-free, healthy lifestyle, and I believe that regular exercise, proper nutrition, and a positive attitude, that we do not have to grow old with chronic pain or live in a state of disease. Good therapy and thoughtful encouragement can make any health situation easier to manage. When challenging circumstances arise in my work, I approach them with steady passion and ambition to help.

About My Services

In-Call and Out-Call (in your home, office, or hotel room) massage therapy services, but read further…

Massage professionals are not all alike.  Finding one that you feel comfortable with, one that can sense how you feel and bring your body and mind to an optimal state this is what makes you feel wonderful for hours, or even days after your therapy session.

How does such a relationship begin?  With a friendly face, a gentle voice, and a soft welcoming manner making you feel safe, relaxed, and ready to benefit from my nine years of professional massage experience.  It follows through with on-going attention to detail, and a growing sense of loyalty, keeping your body and mind in a state of health and inner-peace.

What You Can Expect:

Expect a solid, reliable performer in every way.  I will communicate clearly and show-up on time (when at all possible).  When I arrive, I will set up quickly and talk to you about how you feel and what you’d like to achieve.  During the therapy, I will concentrate only on you and your well-being.  Afterward, I will clean-up and proceed to my next appointments.  You will be charged for my services just as you expect, and I guarantee your satisfaction.  Of the hundreds of clients, I see regularly, over 30% of them are repeating customers for over five years.  Appointment openings are sometimes limited, so please text or call to schedule in advance.

Education, Certification, and Licensing:

  • Graduated from Florida Career College (Associates Degree: Massage Therapy), 2008
  • On-going Education in Massage and Wellness Therapeutic Techniques (Qi Gong, Cranial sacral levels 1 & 2, etc.)
  • FL Department of Health MA: 55990
  • CA Department of Health: 48612

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